Vivo Run Crw

If you have lost this ID, please contact us and we will email you over the details


Vivo Run Crwe is on alternate Tuesdays and ThursThey will alternate between Tuesday and Thursday evenings and will be held every 2 weeks. We aim to bring in guest coaches and use lots of different locations for the sessions to be held at. There will also be a line of Vivo Run Crw running clothing in the shop.

When we launched Vivo in January ’19, Vivo runners was very important to me. We had members complete their first ever 5k runs in some of those early days and this is what we want to get back to. We want these sessions to be inclusive for every level of age, experience, ability etc. We don’t just want ‘runners’ to attend, we want people who don’t run or want to get back into running to come along also. The sessions are now inclusive for all members and current block bookers. There will be no booking system for these sessions anymore but there will be an event page and all sessions will be posted in here.