User Guide

Members (Full / Block Booker / Corporate)

Members can either use the website to book classes or the Android or Apple app. You will need the membership ID and your registered email address to log-in. If you have lost/forgotten these please contact us.

Corporate members only have access to Vivo Outdoor Fitness but can still access the classes available to non members via the website.

The website and the apps enable you can book, view and cancel classes. You can also view your personal fitness test results.

Please note there is a cut-off time before the class when classes can be cancelled.

Occasionally members will need to pay an additional fee for a special class/event. These classes/events can only be booked via the website and cannot be cancelled by you. Please contact us if you would like to cancel a paid for class.


Some of the classes are open to non-members. To book into these, tick the ‘Not a member’ checkbox below the sign-in button. This will then display the non-member form. Some classes require non-members to pay which you can do online. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

Paid for classes will be secured before payment and the email confirmation will contain a link to enable you to pay in case you did not pay for the class straight away..

Please contact us if you need to cancel.

Using the website

Select the type of class you would like to attend under the Book menu item. If you are a member you can now enter your membership ID and email address. Non-members can tick the ‘not a member’ checkbox if available.

Non Members can then select the location from either the drop down or from the map, fill out the form and select the date and number of places (if applicable) you would like to book. Members have in addition a list of favourite locations they can select from. Favourite locations are added/removed by clicking on the heart that appears above the available appointments. Block book members will also have a view of how many block books they have remaining and, when they select a location, how many blocks that particular class will use up. Block book members can buy more block bookings via the Shop that will appear as soon as they have logged in.

Using the Apps

When you first install the app and are presented with the main menu showing the available classes, you should first enter your member ID and email address. This is done by clicking on the top right triple dot menu for Android or the settings cog for Apple. The Apple app has an option to also turn off the warning about how much data the app will use.

Now you can select the class you would like to book. Corporate Members should select the Vivo Outdoor Fitness option.

You will then be able to see the classes already booked and delete these by swiping left. Block Book Members will also be able to see how many blocks they have remaining. The person icon top right will take you to your personal best information. To book more classes either click on one of the 3 available favourite locations or use the map. Once a location is selected, you can then add the classes you would like to book.